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VAT Calculator UK

In The United Kingdom Value-Added TAX (VAT Rates) Changed Multiple Times Currently Their VAT Rate Is 20%. There Are Few VAT Rates In UK Standard Rate, Reduced Rate, And Zero Or Zero Item Rate. The standard Rate Is 20%, the Reduced Is 5% And Zero Is 0%. Including VAT Is Added VAT And Excluded VAT Is Removed Of VAT. Now In Our Tool, We Have Given Multiple Unique Features For VAT Registered Businesses You Can Easily Calculate Your VAT Just By Giving Your Amount Or Price And Both Add VAT And Remove VAT Will be Calculate For You at a Time. You Can Copy Your All Result By Clicking On Copy Button And Past any Any-where You Want. Our Tool Is Fast And Accurate In Accuracy And Also You Can Select Your Decimal Point Number In Which You Can Calculate Your Result.

VAT In Ireland

VAT Rates Are a Little Bit Complex In Ireland. Because There Is Three VAT Rates: 0%, 4.8%, 9%, And 13.5%. 13% Rate Is Use For Items Like Fuel, Coal, And Heated Oil. The 9% VAT Rate Is Used For Sports And Tourism Activities Like For Hotels And Restaurants. Zero VAT Rate Is For Tea, Coffee, Books Etc. And 4.8% Is Use For Livestock And For Agriculture Etc. Here Is Ireland VAT Calculator.

VAT Calculator South Africa

The Current VAT Rate In South Africa Is 15% And Zero Rate Is 0%. The VAT Rate In SA Was Increased To 15% From 14% On the First of April 2018 Which Was Not Changed For the Last 15 Years Means From 1993. Before That VAT Was 10% In South Africa. So Here You Can Calculate SA VAT.

VAT Rate In Germany

19% Is The Standard Rate In Germany And Situation Will May Increase This VAT Rate In Germany Too. And 7% Is Use For Some Items Like Book And Some Foods. The following are exempt from German VAT: Like In Cultural Services, Financial Services Etc.

Malta VAT Rate

18% Is The Standard VAT Rate In Malta For All Taxable Services And Goods. And 7% For Staying In Hotels And For Sports Etc. 5% VAT Rate For Books, Newspapers, Clothing, Bicycles And For Domestic Care Services Etc.

VAT Rate In The Netherlands

The Standard VAT Rate In the Netherlands Is 21%. And There Are Some More VAT Rates In NL The 0% Rate And The 9% VAT Rate. 9% Rates Are For Food And Some Drinks, Products And Services, Books And Newspaper.

VAT Rate In France

VAT Rate In France VAT is due on goods sold and services rendered in France. The standard VAT rate is 20%. Sales of certain kinds of medicines and transport of persons are subject to the 10% VAT rate.

VAT Rates In UAE

The Standard VAT Rate In UAE Is 5% For Most Services And Goods And Few Of Them Are Zero VAT Rate. VAT Calculator United Arab Emirates.